Tom Harrison- Province Newspaper 'CD OF THE WEEK' & 'Top 10 Made in BC CDs 2015'

Nanaimo’s Gogo family has at least five Gogos involved in music one way or another. John Gogo’s second album, Coal and Wood (Revisited) is rooted in both Gogo lore and Nanaimo history. The album title as much as hints at such. Attractively packaged, the album refers to his previous Coal and Wood album, whose title and imagery has been appropriated for a record that partially is bittersweet nostalgia. Here is music that has a sense of place and time and is stronger for it; folk music with an air of country, peopled with characters. Once in a while, Gogo’s phrasing and spare musical settings are reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot’s first pared-back albums.   Tom Harrison, Province (Vancouver) Newspaper Feb. 17, 2015

Victoria Times Colonist Newspaper Article

CBC Radio Doc 'Dream of Brother XII' that features John's 'Infamous Devil of De Courcy (Brother XII Song)'