Hello, thank you for your interest in purchasing tickets for one of my shows.

Not all, but many of my shows are ‘self produced’, which means I book the venues, and I am responsible for the promotion and ticket sales. Getting others (book stores, cafés etc) to sell tickets is not always an option, so I am working on this new system of selling advance tickets myself, here on my website.

To buy tickets, please send me an ‘etransfer’ ( gogo@telus.net ) and please also include in your email:

1 Your name

2 Venue and date of show

3 Number of tickets you’d like to buy

*4 Your full mailing address (so I can mail you your tickets)

*If you do not require actual ‘physical’ tickets, I will be very happy to have your name on a ‘prepaid’ list, when you arrive at the show. If you choose this option, please knock a dollar off each ticket you buy, because the advance ticket price includes $1 for ‘physical’ tickets that need to be printed and mailed (but I’m always happy to print and mail tickets, as this makes it easy for you to give them as gifts, or pass them along if you find out you can’t attend after all).

I sure hope this doesn’t seem complicated!

Thank you!